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Complaints Concerns and Compliments Policy

ICC wants to ensure that we continually offer good quality services to our communities. We very much welcome all complaints, concerns and compliments to ensure that our services continually improve. If someone is not happy with our service, please tell us, if you are happy with our service; please tell others about our work.

1 Complaints / Concerns

We treat any form of complaint or concern with the utmost respect and seriousness. ICC wants to ensure that we continually offer good quality services to our community, therefore any expression of dissatisfaction regarding the service we have provided will be regarded as a complaint or concern. We will work to rectify the problem in the most efficient manner possible. A complaint/concern does not have to be by letter, it may be made in person, over the phone or by e-mail.

1a Once a complaint or concern has been made, all details of the complaint/concern must be passed to the Director or in the absence of the Director to the most senior member of staff. The complainant must be informed who is dealing with the complaint/concern and when they will receive a response. Where the complaint/concern is made by telephone full details should be taken.

1b It is the responsibility of the Director to fully investigate the complaint/concern. This may include discussing the situation with all parties involved.

1c Basic information about the complaint/concern must be recorded on the Complaints Log Form stored on the ‘w’ drive in the folder marker Complaints, Concerns and Compliments log and a substantive written response produced to the complainant within 15 working days.

We recognise that many of our Service Users have poor literacy, this response must be read through with them by the appropriate member of staff who must ensure that they fully understand the content of the letter. This response should also be kept on ICC’s shared drive in the folder marked Complaints, Concerns and Compliments log.

1d The response must offer the complainant a further review if they remain dissatisfied. If the complaint is upheld an apology and details of the action taken will be given to the complainant.

 The complainant will be given the chance to comment.

1e Where an apology and details of any remedial actions is not given, there will be a full explanation as to why.

1f If the complaint/concern has been made about a member of staff or a volunteer, the Director will meet with the relevant person and inform them of the outcome. The Director will refer to the disciplinary and grievance procedures within the contract of employment. The Disciplinary process will be triggered and an investigation opened.

In the case of a Service User, the Director will either issue a verbal warning, detailing the next steps if their actions continue, or depending on the severity of the complaint may take the decision to exclude them from the service, (see the Termination of Service policy). All details will be passed to the Chair of the Management Committee.

1g If the complaint has been made about the Director, the Chair of the Management Committee will carry out the above procedures.

1h Details of the complaint will be kept on record and filed appropriately.

2 Comments and Compliments

If you are pleased with the service you have received from ICC, we very much welcome your comments. A compliment does not have to be by letter it may be made in person, over the phone or by e-mail. All comments and compliments will be gladly received and used to help ICC continue to provide a high quality service.

All comments and compliments will be forwarded to the Operations Manager for any required action and statistics held centrally in the Compliments file on the ‘w’ drive in the Complaints, Concerns and Compliments folder for monitoring purposes. All comments and compliments will be responded to in line with the timescales identified in the complaints procedure where personal details have been supplied.


3 Review of Complaints / Concerns / Compliments

Every 12 months the Operations Manager must review all complaints, concerns comments and compliments received and identify any trends emerging. This review feeds into the service review and Business Planning where appropriate. The review will be documented.

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