Irish Family Seeks New Life in Merseyside

A young family, dad aged 22, mum 20 and a child of 3 arrived in Liverpool from Northern Ireland escaping paramilitary threats. They had no family or support networks here and no information about where to find accommodation, how to register for employment opportunities, or how to access health care services. They also had very little money to sustain themselves.

ICC challenged the local authority about their decision to refuse to accept responsibility for the family based on the fact that they had no real connection and had left accommodation in Ireland. After several days of ongoing communications (reinforcing the fact that his family would be in grave danger if they went back home) with housing and social services ICC managed to get them into local authority family homeless centre in Liverpool. We linked them into their welfare benefit entitlements and the local health centre. Although the accommodation is not ideal for family life, they are safe, they are now on a property pool and awaiting housing. We have also given advice on courses and education in and around Liverpool, and information around child care to enable them to do this.

Their plans are to stay and settle in the city and we will continue to offer support for as long as they need it both through our daily drop-in and outreach support services.